A parent holding hands with their child and walking across a soccer field.

For Parents of Athletes

We offer therapy, rehab, training, and performance services, as well as treatments for a variety of injuries to help athletes stay in the game.


Helping your child stay healthy and active

We treat athletes at every level, from students to hobbyists to pros. We’ll help your child reduce the risk of future injuries and make a safe return to the field.

Get ready for next season

Whether your child is in it for the fun or in it to win it, AHN supports young developing athletes with staying healthy, strong, and fit, so they can focus on the game.
  • A doctor talking to a young student athlete in an exam room.

    Sports physicals

    If your child needs a sports physical to participate on a team, we’ve got you covered. AHN sports physicals can help make sure your child is ready for action.

  • A sports trainer facing the football field and away from the camera.

    Athletic training services

    AHN athletic trainers do more than treat injuries on the field. They teach athletes how to reduce the risk of injury and improve wellness practices to help with recovery.

  • A father witting with his young daughter on his lap while checking an app on his phone.

    Healthy Roster app

    Parents using our trainer services can stay up to date on their kids’ progress and quickly take care of needed paperwork throughout the season.

Student athlete lifting a dumbbell behind their head in a weight room.

Strength development programs

Our trainers offer customized development programs that help improve flexibility, movement, strength, and power while reducing their risk of future injuries. We deliver a broad range of services so athletes can stay safe while doing what they love.

Concussion Center

Get complete concussion care, including detailed evaluations and several care options. We get to the bottom of symptoms and coordinate treatments to speed healing.

An occupational therapist working on a patient's foot.

Walk-in injury clinics

Our Saturday walk-in injury clinics have teams of orthopaedic and sports medicine physicians, so you get expert care fast. The AHN Orthopaedic Institute treats every part of you that moves. If you’re injured, don’t wait to see a specialist.

AHN therapist applies kinesiology tape to a student athlete's shoulder.

Recovery support

At AHN, you receive complete care, including detailed evaluations and a wide range of treatment options. We get to the bottom of troubling symptoms and coordinate treatments so you can get relief.

Are you a health care professional?

We offer care in every medical specialty, providing the finest treatments and technologies and continually researching new ways to prevent, detect, and treat disease.