Athletic Trainer Services

For many western Pennsylvania sports teams, Allegheny Health Network (AHN) is their biggest fan.

Our athletic trainers have a history of delivering services that help teams play hard while staying strong and healthy. High school athletes, college athletes, and professional athletes trust our services.

Athletic trainer services from AHN: Why choose us?

AHN is the official medical provider for some of the region’s top athletes. We are part of an elite provider network selected by the U.S. Olympic Committee to care for Olympic hopefuls. We are also the official medical provider of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds™ SC soccer club and the Pittsburgh Pirates™ baseball team.

We work under the direction of AHN orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians to coordinate additional treatments when necessary.

Healthy Roster app for parents

Our athletic trainer services app can keep parents up to date on their kids’ progress and any paperwork needed throughout the season.

Our athletic trainer services

Our athletic trainers serve throughout our community at sports practices, games, and special events. We deliver a broad range of services, so athletes can stay safe while doing what they love. To learn more about the teams we care for, see our athletic trainer services roster.

Our services include:

  • Pre participation physical exams to appropriately clear athletes to play their respective season
  • Sports specific specialty programs to help reduce the chance of injury
  • On-site injury evaluation and immediate care for injuries like sprains and strains
  • Coordination with AHN physicians and physical therapists for sports injury follow-up care
  • Education for coaches and parents on topics such as concussions

Concussion care right from the sidelines

At the beginning of every season, we test players’ reaction times, short-term memories, and vision and balance to see how they perform when healthy. If a player gets a concussion during the season, we use that baseline to deliver more personalized care, including a treatment plan to find the safest way to get them back in the action.

Every concussion is different, and we offer several treatments to help athletes heal.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: Helps ease symptoms that affect feelings and mood.
  • Medications: Prescribed to relieve headaches and dizziness.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation: Special physical therapy that can improve dizziness and balance problems.
  • Gradual return to activity: Can include shortened school days, limited participation with the team, and other precautions.

Athletes will also be able to work with a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including:

  • Primary care sports medicine physicians
  • Neurologists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Physical therapists

Learn more about treatments at our Concussion Center.

Expert care from AHN’s orthopaedic and sports medicine team

Physicians and specialists at AHN deliver focused care for sports injuries, joint pain, and congenital (present at birth) conditions. Our team members are in constant communication to keep your care moving forward. This approach helps many people get better faster and stay healthy longer.

Our team includes:

  • Orthopaedic surgeons: AHN is home to nationally recognized physicians in orthopaedic sports medicine surgeons offering some of the most cutting-edge surgical options. We skillfully deliver the latest minimally invasive treatments, including arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder and hip.
  • Primary care sports medicine physicians: We treat pain using nonsurgical treatments, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. We also help people with concussions get much-needed relief. Find out more about primary care sports medicine.
  • Pediatric orthopaedic physicians:  Our team includes physicians specializing in the unique needs of children. We offer the latest care for sports injuries so we can help safely keep your athletes in the game. Find out more about our Pediatric Orthopaedic Institute.
  • Physical therapists: The physical therapists for our Sports Performance Program are direct-access certified. We can evaluate and treat minor problems, including sprains and strains, without a physician referral. Find out more about sports performance physical therapy.
  • Athletic trainers: Our athletic trainers are on the sidelines protecting athletes of all skill levels from sports injuries. We also help athletes who were injured make a safe return to the game after they recover.

Athletic trainer services roster

In addition to being an Official U.S. Olympic Regional Medical Center, we provide training services for sports teams throughout the region, including professional teams. Teams we care for include:

Professional teams

  • Pittsburgh Pirates™ (Major League Baseball)
  • Pittsburgh Riverhounds™ SC (United Soccer League)
  • Pittsburgh Thunderbirds™ (Ultimate Disc League)

We also offer athletic training care for 30 local high schools’ sports programs.

In Pittsburgh

AHN Sports Medicine is also the official medical provider for many of the city’s races, including:

  • The Richard S. Caliguiri City of Pittsburgh Great Race
  • Riverview Run
  • Greenfield Glide
  • Brookline Breeze
  • The Historical Hill Run
  • Race Around Regent Square

Contact us

To learn more about our athletic trainer services or to make a reservation, call (412) 437-3001.

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