Going Home from Jefferson Hospital

We realize that every patient wants to return home as soon as possible. Each particular discharge is unique and will vary depending on your condition, your doctor and your progress during the recovery process.

Your primary care physician and consulting physicians decide when it's appropriate for you to go home. Usually the physician tells you the day before discharge is expected. Physicians visit at various times during the morning, afternoon or evening. The Attending Physician writes your order for discharge but may need to consult with other physicians involved in your care. Once this order is written, other tasks must be completed to arrange for discharge. Please allow time for all your discharge requirements to be coordinated.

Your discharge plan begins on the day of your admission to the hospital. It is a responsibility shared by you, your family, the nursing staff and the physician. Our goal is to ensure that you are fully prepared to transition from the hospital to home or appropriate level of care.

Our Social Work Services department is a main resource for your discharge plan. They work on your behalf in order to ensure that you receive the best possible care during and after your hospital stay.

If you have any questions regarding Medicare, transportation issues or other special services, please be sure to ask. They can help you to contact many resources of which you may be unaware.

If problems arise during your stay, or if you have questions after you have been discharged, contact the social work services department at (412) 469-7556.

The social work services department can:

  • Assist in arranging care services that you may need for a smoother recovery at home.
  • Help you to better understand what happens as you continue your recovery at home or at an extended care facility.
  • Provide assistance with insurance paperwork or in finding resources for augmenting your insurance if needed.
  • Assist you in finding financial resources if your income meets certain guidelines established by the government.

Leaving the hospital can be as stressful as the day you were admitted. You have been given a significant amount of information, so please ask any questions in order to be prepared for discharge.

Before you are discharged from the hospital, your nurse will explain instructions for your follow-up care. This may include instructions on diet, referrals to other care providers, follow-up appointments, physical activities and limitations, medication doses and times, health care teaching and printed materials specific to your illness.

If you have questions or need anything clarified, please be sure to ask your nurse. Remember, all discharge instructions are determined by your doctor and are specific to you and your condition.

Note: Routine discharge time is prior to noon.

A courtesy parking pass can be obtained at the cashier's office in the hospital lobby for free parking on the day of your discharge.