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Message Your Doctor

Get answers to your medical questions from your doctor right on your phone. Send and receive notes from your AHN provider through MyChart messaging.

Get answers through MyChart’s message service

You can use MyChart’s secure online portal to ask general medical questions and get a reply from your AHN doctor.

Find out if you should make an appointment, get clarification on a medication or prescription dosage, or get advice about common symptoms. If you have a simple, nonemergency medical question, then messaging your doctor is an easy, effective option.

Log in to your MyChart account to get started. Don’t have an account? No problem. Sign up for MyChart.

Messaging your doctor on MyChart

Message an AHN doctor you’ve seen before using your online MyChart account or your MyChart app on your mobile device

  • To send a message on the app: Log in to your MyChart account. Click the Messages icon, then click the Send a message button and select Medical Advice. From there, you can choose a recipient from a list of doctors you’ve seen previously.
  • To send a message on the web: Log in to your MyChart account. Click the Menu icon, then Ask a Question under Communication, and select New Medical Question. From there, you can choose a recipient from a list of doctors you’ve seen previously.

What to expect

Your doctor will read your message and get back to you with an answer or advice on how to proceed. You can typically expect a reply within two business days.*

Need technical support?

Review the MyChart FAQs, call the MyChart support team at 1-833-246-2478, or email

More ways to connect to telehealth at AHN

Don’t delay getting quality care. AHN has a wide variety of telehealth appointment options. Getting in touch with a care provider has never been easier.

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Response time is not guaranteed, but your doctor will try to respond to your message within two business days.