Connecting Your AHN Medical Records to an App

Access your medical records quickly by connecting to an app. It’s a convenient way to view your health history, test results, doctor notes, and other important health highlights.

Connect to AHN’s MyChart app

MyChart is a safe, secure app that pulls in your AHN medical records from Epic — our electronic medical records system — and allows you to communicate with our doctors, schedule appointments, and set up virtual visits. 

Unlike third party apps, MyChart follows the rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and other applicable privacy laws. Third-party apps do not have to follow these same privacy and security standards set by federal and state law.  

Sign up for MyChart. 

Already have a MyChart account? Download the MyChart app now.

Connect to another third-party app

While you can link your medicals records to other apps — like Apple Health — take a moment to consider the risks. As healthcare providers, we are obligated to protect your privacy. You may be asked to provide your data to others. Please note that they do not have that same strict obligations. Many third-party apps don’t follow state and federal privacy or security protections. Consider these questions before you connect:        

  • Will the app sell your data for any reason?        
  • Will the app disclose your data to third parties without your consent for things like research or advertising?       
  • What’s the app’s policy for deleting your data if you delete your account or the app?
  • What security measures does the app use to protect your data? 

For a full list of things to consider and other privacy warnings, take a look here.

Requesting the release of your medical records 

If you decide you want to share your health information with another app, you must submit a request before AHN will release your medical records. We must first determine if the app can connect to AHN systems.

Take a look at the apps that comply with our Epic electronic medical records system and those apps listed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

When you’re ready to make your request, fill out this form. AHN will give you a status update within 10 days.