Arriving at West Penn Hospital

A woman with a bag over her shoulder is in West Penn Hospital and outside the Women & Infants Center.
When the big day comes, where you should enter the hospital and where to park depends on whether you’re in labor or having a scheduled delivery (C-section or induced labor).

If you are in labor

If you’re in labor or your doctor tells you to come to the hospital for care (and you’re NOT coming for a scheduled C-section or induced labor):

  • Enter at the Emergency Department entrance on South Millvale Avenue. 
  • Your partner or driver can drive up to the Emergency Department entrance and help you into the building.
  • One of our nurses will meet you in the Emergency Department and take you to the Labor and Delivery unit.
  • AHN West Penn offers free valet for day of delivery and discharge for new parents. Valet parking is available at the emergency department entrance.
Two AHN West Penn Hospital nurses wearing masks while sitting at a nurse's station.