AHN Heart Failure Program

AHN Heart Failure Program overview

The AHN Heart Failure Program provides ongoing care to relieve symptoms and delay heart failure disease progression. We also provide pre- and post-surgical care for people who undergo heart surgery, get mechanical circulatory support devices, or receive a heart transplant. Our specialists at the heart failure clinic diagnose and treat all stages of congestive heart failure.

Heart failure is a serious condition that can make it challenging to complete daily activities. When the heart struggles to pump blood efficiently, it can lead to various symptoms that can impact your quality of life and result in dysfunction of other organ systems.

Our heart failure clinic treats a range of heart conditions within these specialized programs:

The AHN Heart Failure Program has a multidisciplinary team of experts in heart failure and related cardiovascular specialties who collaborate to provide individualized care. Depending on your condition, the following divisions of care are involved:

  • Heart Failure and Transplant Division
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Electrophysiology
  • Interventional Cardiology