Recent Graduate Fellowship Placements

The strong academic and procedural background provided at the Allegheny Residency program make our residents excellent candidates for fellowships in all divisions of radiology. Our residents generally match with their first or second choice fellowship program, and a brief glance over our recent matches (see below) demonstrates the success we have had in placing residents in prestigious programs across the country. While the match can be a stressful time, our residents have the benefit of knowing that our program has an excellent record in getting residents where they want to go to complete their training. Additionally, Allegheny Health offers four fellowship positions of its own for graduating residents:

2022 Graduates

  • Daniel Hoffman, MD: Body Imaging, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Nimisha Parikh, DO: Women's Imaging, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Craig (Max) Smith, DO: Abdominal Imaging, University of Virginia
  • Kailey Sullivan, DO: Body Imaging, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Matthew Wrench, DO: Musculoskeletal Imaging, University of Florida
  • Erik Yannone, MD: Interventional Radiology, University of Florida