Recovery Services

When you’re an athlete, your next game often can’t come soon enough. But post-workout muscle soreness can sometimes make it difficult to give it your all.

Recovery services from Allegheny Health Network (AHN) help “get the lead out” by relieving post-workout muscle soreness. Our services shorten muscle recovery time while reducing the risk of sports injuries so you can stay on target with your training goals.

Sports recovery services at AHN

AHN’s unwavering focus on wellness includes helping athletes of all skill levels reduce the risk of sports injuries while enhancing performance. We offer the latest options in post-workout recovery care, allowing you to quickly and safely resume your favorite activities – even after a hard workout.

Highlights of our program include:

  • High performance team: The expertise of AHN’s strength and conditioning specialists and physical therapists is some of the best in the region. We specialize in working with active adults and athletes. Some members of our team hold certifications in areas such as strength training. This level of expertise helps us tailor services to meet your needs.
  • Professional-level care for young athletes: Pittsburgh’s top athletes, including Olympic hopefuls, put their trust in AHN’s orthopaedic and sports medicine experts. We deliver the same level of care, including sports injury treatments, to high school athletes from all over western Pennsylvania.

Muscle recovery services available at AHN

We offer recovery services at two of Pennsylvania’s top sports performance and strength conditioning facilities. AHN is home to the only two facilities in the state using the latest muscle recovery technologies all under one roof, including an anti-gravity treadmill, cryo therapy sauna, dynavision visuomotor system, sequential air compression recovery boots, HWave low frequency electrical stimulation, and vibration therapy units.

Read more about the Allegheny Health Network at Cool Springs and Wexford Plaza.

Additional post-workout recovery services include:

  • Assisted stretching: We relieve muscle soreness by guiding you through stretches while applying gentle pressure.
  • Cryotherapy: A brief stay in a chamber of cold nitrogen vapor (negative 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit) reduces pain and muscle swelling. Learn more about our cryotherapy sauna.
  • Vibration therapy: vibration units (drum and platform) that stimulate neuromuscular activations (prior to strength training session), for soft tissue mobilization (to work out tight muscles) and post-workout/game for tissue recovery flushes. Use of these vibration units are proven to be effective in reducing muscle soreness and accelerating the rate of recovery in fatigued and overused muscles.
  • Wearable compression technology: wearable devices that apply different levels of compartmental compression that assists the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to fatigued muscles and tendons.

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To learn more about our recovery services or make a reservation, call (412) 437-3001 (Cool Springs) or (724) 934-2440 (Wexford).