AHN Cardio-Oncology Clinic

Our cardio-oncology program treats people with cancer who are at risk of cardiotoxicity — a heart condition caused by cancer treatments, like radiation, chemo- and immunotherapy, hormone-based therapies, and other cancer treatments.

Part of the larger AHN Heart Disease Prevention Program, Cardio-Oncology Clinic specialists partner with oncologists at the AHN Cancer Institute to provide personalized cardiovascular care to cancer patients. Together, we help make sure your heart stays healthy before, during, and after receiving cancer treatments.

About our program

The AHN Cardio-Oncology Clinic monitors and treats patients who have an existing heart disease or are at risk of having heart disease prior to, during, and after receiving cancer treatments. Our team of specialists works closely with oncologists to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for your best care. An oncologist may refer you to our clinic while you receive treatment. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, ask your oncologist to see if you meet the cardio-oncology referral criteria through our programs.

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