Give Support

Since 1969, individual donors, corporations and philanthropic organizations have helped West Penn Burn Center provide medical care, rehabilitative service and emotional support to thousands of burn injury victims. We are grateful to the many donors to Burn Center funds for their support of our burn care, education, and prevention programs.

The avenues for donation to West Penn Burn Center include the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC) program and donations to the Burn Center Fund. These donations support burn care, education, and prevention programs such as those listed below.

Aluminum cans for burned children

For more than 25 years, the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC) program has been raising funds to support burn programs for pediatric patient care and education.

West Penn Burn Center outreach programs that have been supported by the ACBC program include burn prevention educational materials for age groups from preschool through college and the elderly and Burnie the Burn Safety Dog, a St. Bernard remotely controlled robot in a fire truck that marches (with the Burn Outreach Coordinator) in safety parades to deliver a fun safety message to adults as well as children.

West Penn Burn Center fund

Donations to the West Penn Burn Center Fund provide funding for the Burn Center's greatest need. For example, this fund has provided children with burn injuries with appropriate toys to encourage them to continue physical therapy exercises. A child with burned fingers, for example, may receive a hand-held video game to encourage hand exercises.

Summer camp for burned children

Children with burn injuries often have physical and emotional scars. Since 1986, the Burn Center has hosted an annual five-day Summer Camp for youngsters who have been patients at West Penn Burn Center. At camp, children have fun in a supportive environment and gather strength from their peers and counselors. The children attend free of charge, thanks to the generosity of donors to the Burn Center Summer Camp fund.

Burn prevention education and back-to-school programs

West Penn Burn Center offers Burn Outreach Programs in schools, to teach kids and adults how to prevent burn injuries.

The Back-to-School Program helps ease a burned child’s return to the classroom. A professional from the Burn Center visits the school and talks with teachers and classmates to help them understand the burn victim’s situation—and presents a safety program to help prevent other burn injuries.

If you’d like to donate to the Burn Center or Burn Camp, please click here.