General Surgery

At Allegheny Health Network (AHN), you receive prompt, personalized surgical care for common medical problems, such as gallstones and diverticulitis. Our general surgeons provide evaluation and treatment services at several hospitals across western Pennsylvania. These convenient locations help you stay close to home throughout your entire care and recovery experience.

Relief is within reach. Request an appointment at a location near you.

General Surgery at AHN: Why Choose Us?

We get to the root of your problem quickly — sometimes on the same day you call us. And we rely on less-invasive surgical techniques and innovations, which help you feel better, sooner.

People also choose us for our:

  • Surgical expertise: Our board-certified general surgeons use their decades of experience to treat patients who need surgery. They also work closely with AHN’s large network of highly trained specialists, from colorectal to heart surgeons. These specialists helped pioneer certain minimally invasive approaches, which allow them to perform many procedures through smaller incisions. These surgical care teams effectively care for patients with both common and complicated conditions.
  • Prompt care: You won’t have to wait months to have the surgery you need. Our goal is to get you scheduled for surgery as soon as possible, so you can experience relief faster. We also try to see people with certain urgent problems the same day they call for an appointment. 
  • Innovation: Our team is skilled in recent surgery advances, such as robotics and minimally invasive techniques. Our long track record using these techniques for general and other types of surgery helps deliver outstanding results. It also allows you to recover in the comfort of your home sooner after surgery.
  • Convenience: Our general surgeons provide care at several hospitals across western Pennsylvania, so you can get the care you need where it’s most convenient for you. Our physicians often travel to provide follow-up care at locations close to where their patients live and work. Their efforts save you time and energy so you can better focus on your recovery.
  • Compassionate team: Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. When you’re more comfortable, it makes everything about your surgery and recovery process easier. Our patients often rave about the personal approach they receive from every member of our caring team — from the front desk all the way to the operating table. 
  • Patient-centered culture: We believe including patients in their care process is important. Surgery can have big impacts on your life. And we sometimes give patients different treatment options. Getting your input is the best way to ensure we are going with the plan that work’s best for your life and circumstances.

Our Comprehensive Hernia Center

Hernias can be painful and uncomfortable, and they’re quite common. At our Comprehensive Hernia Center, we take a multidisciplinary approach to hernia treatment. Our colorectal, plastic, and general surgeons work together to effectively treat your immediate symptoms.

We then direct you to other services, such as physical therapy or weight loss guidance, that could stop a hernia from coming back. Learn more about our Comprehensive Hernia Center.

Our General Surgery Services

Our general surgeons perform a wide range of procedures to effectively treat routine medical problems. We always take the least invasive approach that’s right for your circumstances. We perform:

  • Appendectomy (appendix surgery)
  • Gastroesophageal reflux surgery
  • Inguinal and abdominal hernia surgery
  • Gallbladder surgery
  • Diverticulitis surgery (bowel surgery)

Contact Us

Call (412) DOCTORS (412) 362-8677 or request an appointment to learn more about AHN general surgery services.