Penile Plication

Penile plication can reduce or remove an abnormal curvature in the penis, often caused by Peyronie’s disease. AHN patients have access to an expert surgeon — one of two in western Pennsylvania — who specializes in the procedure.   

What is penile plication?

This surgical procedure is generally effective and immediate at straightening the penis. During the procedure, the side of the penis opposite the curve will be tightened. This is usually accomplished with a small incision and stitches. 

Risks and alternatives

While penile plication is generally successful at straightening abnormal curves in the penis, there is often some slight shortening. AHN patients may choose alternative treatments, such as incision or excision with grafting techniques. This removes and replaces scar tissue with graft material to allow the penis to return to a more normal shape. In other cases, a penile implant may be appropriate.

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