Eye Cancer Treatment

Receiving an eye cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. The compassionate team at Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute understands and is with you every step of the way. We offer robust support services to keep you living the best quality of life during treatment.

Because the eyes and the skin around them are so delicate, you need a skilled professional to diagnose and treat eye cancer. At AHN, our physicians have dedicated their careers to understanding and fighting this disease. Expert ophthalmologists treat eye cancer with surgery (including iridectomy), brachytherapy, and medical oncology with excellent outcomes. We use the least invasive method possible to provide you with the greatest possible results.

Expert eye cancer treatment at AHN

At the Cancer Institute, we use the latest science and tactics to provide a comprehensive strategy for treatment. We work to destroy the cancer while saving as much of the eye and vision as possible. Our treatment plans are:

  • Specialized: All of our surgeons who treat eye cancer specialize in ophthalmology (the study of eyes and vision). Many of them have additional training in specialties such as ocular oncology (the study of eye tumors and eye cancer) and oculoplastics (plastic surgery that deals with the eyes, eye lids, and tear ducts). We are the only hospital in Pittsburgh that has physicians with this extensive training and knowledge.
  • Collaborative: A team that includes ophthalmologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, neurologists, oncologists, and radiologists works together to determine the best course of treatment. You benefit from their combined exper