Orthopaedic and Sports Injury Treatments

Whether your goal is keeping up with your grandchildren or running a marathon (or both), the team at Allegheny Health Network (AHN) can help make it a reality. We deliver effective care for problems such as arthritis and orthopaedic injuries. Our expert team uses a broad range of treatments so you can keep doing what you love.

Care for orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries at AHN

AHN offers more of the care you need in one program, including nationally recognized spine, foot, and hand experts. People from all over western Pennsylvania trust us because we deliver successful treatment for the most severe orthopaedic problems, including injuries from serious accidents. Find out more about our orthopaedic divisions.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Highly skilled team: Many of our physicians completed additional orthopaedic training (fellowships), enabling us to deliver focused care that meets your needs. We regularly treat complex problems, including nerve damage and congenital (present at birth) conditions. This level of experience helps you achieve the highest level of functioning. Meet our orthopaedic and sports medicine team.
  • Arthritis treatment: AHN offers decades of experience in relieving pain from stiff joints (arthritis). We use the latest techniques, including joint repair procedures, which may help you avoid a joint replacement. If a replacement is necessary, we use sophisticated surgical technologies for a high degree of precision. Learn more about joint repair and joint replacement.
  • Professional-level care: We help athletes and active people bounce back from serious orthopaedic injuries, including torn ligaments. Our expert sports medicine treatments are one reason why professional sports teams, such as the Pittsburgh Riverhounds soccer team and Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, trust us to take care of their athletes. Learn more about AHN’s athletic trainer services.

Sports medicine orthopaedic treatments we offer

We offer access to the latest nonsurgical and surgical treatments all in one program, including:

  • Care for mild brain injuries (concussions): AHN offers the complete range of treatments, including vestibular therapy for problems with coordination. For severe concussions, we work closely with other AHN specialists including speech therapists and neurologists. Find out more about our Concussion Center.
  • Injections: We help you get relief from stubborn pain by injecting medication right where it starts. We use in-office imaging (ultrasound) to guide treatments for better accuracy and results. Find out more about injections.
  • Orthopaedic surgery: We perform some of the latest surgical techniques, including Mako™ robotic joint replacement surgery. During the procedure, the physician uses a robotic arm to place the new joint in precisely the right spot. Many people achieve much-needed relief within hours of their procedure. Learn more about orthopaedic surgery.
  • Physical therapy: Our therapists guide you through exercises to relieve pain and help you regain strength. For complex injuries, we offer the latest technologies, including a special treadmill that allows you to safely resume activity earlier in your recovery. Find out more about sports performance physical therapy.

Services to prevent sports injuries

We offer many services to help you keep getting stronger after treatment and lower your risk of future injuries:

  • Sports performance: We help you play at the top of your game no matter what sport you enjoy. We offer personalized strength training programs and services to speed recovery after a hard workout. Find out more about our sports performance services.
  • Athletic training services: Our certified athletic trainers are on the sidelines helping high school athletes from all over western Pennsylvania have a great season. We work with young athletes during practices and games, treating minor problems before they become serious. See our athletic trainer services roster.

Contact us

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