Telehealth is Affordable at AHN

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) strives to offer affordable telehealth services so you get the care you need — right where you are.

Most health concerns can be addressed in a single consultation without having to see a doctor in person. If you don’t feel like you need immediate emergency or urgent care, telehealth services can save you a lot of money.

How you’ll save

Your potential savings can be broken down into a few simple areas:

Transportation and time savings

If you don’t have to leave home, school, or work, you’ll save time by avoiding traffic and money on fuel, public transportation, parking, and other incidental fees.

Lower copays

Of all health care services, virtual visits are often the least expensive for the patient. Contact your health care plan administrator to verify your benefits and coverage for telehealth services. There’s a good chance you’ll pay less than what you would at an urgent care center or emergency department. But it’s important to check before you receive care.

Reduces long-term health care costs*

When your provider detects a chronic condition early and you follow a long-term treatment plan, it not only helps manage the condition, but it also helps reduce your health care costs.

Regular telehealth check-ins can help keep you on track with your care program. In situations where time and cost might interfere with your treatment program, telehealth follow-up appointments can help you manage your condition.

How much do telehealth services cost at AHN?

Here is what you may expect to pay for various telehealth options at AHN. Remember, your actual out-of-pocket cost may also depend on your health insurance company’s telehealth coverage policy.

  • eVisit: Depending on your actual insurance coverage, this is often the least expensive way to access telehealth at AHN.*
  • Prescription refills: This is the easiest, most cost-effective way to refill a prescription. You can avoid an unnecessary office visit, and save more than $60.
  • Video visits with your doctor: Less expensive than visiting your PCP or specialist in person, video visits with an AHN provider you have seen before typically cost between $60-75 per visit, depending on your symptoms.**
  • Urgent video visits with an AHN provider: Remember, this is not with your doctor. It’s still less expensive than driving to an urgent care clinic or emergency center and typically costs between $70-85 per visit, depending on your symptoms.*
  • Messaging your doctor: It’s free to message your doctor to ask a non-urgent medical question or for more information about your diagnosis.

Get expert care with telehealth services at AHN

You have access to a wide variety of telehealth options. Remember, this isn’t a replacement for in-person visits but a complement to your care journey.


Access telehealth services

Log in to MyChart to schedule a virtual appointment or use other AHN telehealth services.

Integrated care at AHN

Telehealth isn’t meant to replace in-person visits with your doctor. It’s here to enhance your experience with AHN as part of your overall care.

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Information is general and is not a promise that your health care costs will be lower.


Make sure to verify your specific benefit coverage prior to accessing care. You will be responsible for any costs incurred for telehealth services not covered by your benefit plan. If your insurance doesn’t cover the balance, you will be billed for the remaining balance.