Current residents

Kavin Lombardi, DPM - PGY 3
John Marshall, DPM - PGY 3
Michael Savisky, DPM - PGY3
Scott Schleunes, DPM - PGY 3
Mary Brandt, DPM - PGY 2
Matthew Diamond, DPM - PGY 2
Emily Lobos, DPM - PGY 2
Jonathan Nigro, DPM - PGY 2
Jacob Gross, DPM - PGY 1
Isaac Kline, DPM - PGY 1
Arina Litarov, DPM - PGY 1

Recent graduates


Steven Georgian, DPM
Jacob Jones, DPM
Kimberly Lockridge, DPM
Vincent Vacketta, DPM


Stephanie Campbell, DPM
Philip John Carolin, DPM
Matt Cikra, DPM


Stephen Alayli, DPM
Christopher Betrus, DPM
Geoffrey Cady, DPM
Elizabeth Parry, DPM


Darrick Dominick, DPM
Travis Johnson, DPM
Joshua Wilder, DPM


Anthony Chesser, DPM
Timothy McConn, DPM
Sham Persaud, DPM


Lisa Grant-McDonald, DPM
Michael Howell, DPM


Osayamen Edigin, DPM
Kyle Moore, DPM
Colin Zdenek, DPM


Adebola Adeleke, DPM
John Baca, DPM
Erica Evans, DPM


Brian Dix, DPM
Matthew Hentges, DPM
Phillip Richardson, DPM


Jared Maker, DPM
Anne Massey, DPM
Kyle Peterson, DPM
Naomie St. Pierre, DPM


Our Alumni include leaders throughout the profession, as indicated by the following list of some of the positions in which they serve/ have served:

  • Member, Board of Directors, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
  • Presidents, American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
  • Involved member of various committees of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
  • Speaker/ Faculty at national and regional programs
  • Research directors 
  • Advisor / Consultant for organizations in private industry
  • Residency directors
  • Fellowship directors
  • Faculty members, podiatric medical colleges
  • President, state or local podiatry association
  • Chairperson of various types of community service programs

Our alumni enjoy various types of practice opportunities, including group practice, solo practice, practice as a member of a multispecialty group, or practice as a member of an orthopedic group.

Our alumni are a cohesive group who serve as a network for collegiality and fellowship. The Alumni Foundation is a strong supporter of our training program.

Comments from our graduates:

  • “I enjoyed the cohesiveness, camaraderie and teamwork of the residents”
  • “The clinical experiences were outstanding""
  • “I admired the knowledge and surgical skills of the attending”
  • “I liked the high patient volume and diverse pathology and referrals from outside physicians”
  • “With the cadaver lab and equipment, the residents had the opportunity to perform surgical procedures on cadavers, work with fluoroscopy and work with the arthroscope equipment at any time of their choosing”
  • “I liked the well rounded education”