Fellow Wellness and Testimonials


The GI Fellowship Program strives to foster a collegial, collaborative, and supportive learning environment. Our goal is to create a fellowship “family” and build relationships that will last beyond graduation. Our academic year is punctuated by social activities that support camaraderie and teamwork amongst our fellows and faculty.

GI Fellows Group
GI Fellows Haunted House


I feel that the fellowship cares about me as a person and the faculty is invested in fostering my professional success. In addition, I love working with the other fellows and am proud to call them my friends.

-Vince Pronesti

The top 3 things (amongst many) in our fellowship are the camaraderie between the fellows, state of the art GI lab and the fellows rounding spaces. Grateful for being at AGH for the next few years!

-Nabeeha Mohy-Ud-Din 

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