Orthopaedic Research Institute

Orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries can get in the way of your active lifestyle. But this doesn’t have to mean putting your plans on the back burner. Physicians at Allegheny Health Network (AHN) are ushering in the next generation of care options through orthopaedic research. Our efforts give you access to promising new treatments so you can get back to your favorite activities.

About the AHN Orthopaedic Research Institute

Our sports medicine physicians and orthopaedic surgeons are discovering new ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent orthopaedic conditions. This full-circle approach helps many people move past problems that have been holding them back for years. Get more information about the orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries we treat.

AHN is home to nationally recognized researchers in areas such as concussion care and hand surgery. These same physicians see patients in AHN hospitals and clinics throughout western Pennsylvania, giving you early access to new care methods. Meet our orthopaedic and sports medicine team.

AHN: Orthopaedic Research Innovations

AHN leads pioneering orthopaedic research efforts that are making care safer and more effective. Our contributions to the field include many firsts in sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery, including:

  • Concussion care: AHN was the first medical center in the country to demonstrate the effectiveness of testing multiple areas of brain functioning after a head injury, including balance and vision. These findings enabled providers to confirm or rule out a concussion with a high degree of accuracy. Learn more about our Concussion Center.
  • Nerve repair services: Our hand surgeons performed the first successful nerve transfer procedure in western Pennsylvania. This procedure restored sensation and functioning after nerves leading to the hands had been cut. Read more about our Hand and Upper Extremity Division.
  • Spine surgery: AHN was among the first medical centers in the U.S. using the iFuse Implant System® for back pain affecting the sacroiliac (SI) joint. Our orthopaedic surgeons use this technology to access the SI joint through tiny incisions instead of a large incision, so you can return to daily activities earlier in your recovery. Read more about our Spine Division.
  • Sports injury treatments: We are helping athletes bounce back from common but serious injuries including torn bands of tissue in the heel (Achilles tendon rupture). Our orthopaedic surgeons are developing new techniques to repair and reconstruct the tendon. Get more information about our Foot and Ankle Division.

Additional Orthopaedic Research Interests

Our orthopaedic researchers lead ongoing research for common and complex conditions, such as:

  • Adult flat foot: Advancing surgical treatments to relieve pain in people who develop flat foot (fallen arches) as an adult
  • Arthritis: Developing new surgical techniques for examining and repairing joint problems, including thumb arthritis, using arthroscopy.
  • Broken bones (fractures): Using portable wireless imaging devices to examine potential fractures in athletes right from the sidelines
  • Complex shoulder problems: Discovering new treatment techniques for rotator cuff tears and shoulder dislocations affecting nearby cartilage (labral tears)
  • Diabetic foot disease: Improving surgical techniques for foot problems stemming from complications of diabetes, such as Charcot
  • Elbow (ulnar collateral ligament or UCL) injuries: Examining how the body moves during throwing to improve Tommy John reconstructive surgery for UCL injuries
  • Infections: Preventing and treating the early signs of bone infections in people who undergo joint replacement surgery.

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