Sports Science Lab at AHN Montour Health + Sports Medicine Center

Our Sports Science Lab allows us to accurately determine health, fitness, and performance levels. This knowledge helps us provide the best possible care plan throughout your recovery and prevent future injury.

Sports science services in Coraopolis, PA

For physical therapy and sports performance patients receiving care at AHN Montour Health + Sports Medicine Center, our Sports Science Lab offers state-of-the-art equipment used to collect accurate metrics of a patient’s strength and fitness levels. Your results determine:

  • If you're ready to progress to more intense rehabilitation.
  • If you're ready for certain sports-specific activities (like running, throwing, hitting, or swimming).
  • If you're ready to return to play (full unrestricted activity).
  • Baseline metrics on healthy, active adults.
  • How we build out an individual strength training or running program.
  • Whether you have any potential “red flags” for injury.

Sports Science Lab technology

Patients have access to the following advanced equipment:

  • METAMAX® Metabolic Testing determines your oxygen usage (VO2) and basal metabolic rate.
  • Biodex™ Isokinetic Unit is used for knee and shoulder rehabilitation, return-to-sport testing, strength training, and baseline testing.
  • VALD ForceDecks® are used for testing bodyweight, balance, vertical jump height, strength, and explosive power.
  • VALD NordBord® is used for testing hamstring strength in real time.
  • Wattbike is used for performance cycle testing.
  • Dynavision™ visuomotor system is used for reaction times, hand-eye coordination, and return-to-play metrics for concussions.
  • Zybek Sports measuring station is used to get accurate metrics on height, wingspan, and hand width.

How to use the Sports Science Lab

Our physical therapy and sports performance care team automatically integrates Sports Science Lab services as needed during your sessions, based on your current condition and your fitness and performance goals.

If you are an independent physician and want to refer your patient to an AHN physician or other AHN service provider, go to the Independent Physician Resource Center for referrals and patient follow-up tools. 

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