AHN Cahouet Center for Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care

You’ve just received a Parkinson’s disease (PD) diagnosis. If you’re wondering what to expect, what Parkinson’s treatment options are available, and how this diagnosis may affect you and your family, you’re not alone. Find support and answers to all of those questions at the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Cahouet Center for Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care.

The Cahouet Center offers dedicated neurologists specializing in Parkinson’s treatment, as well as speech therapists, physical and occupational therapists, referrals to boxing and music therapy, and access to a comprehensive collection of Parkinson’s-specific resources.

Allegheny General Hospital
320 East North Avenue
South Tower, 6th Floor,
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Jefferson Hospital
575 Coal Valley Road
Jefferson Hills, PA 15025

About the center

The Cahouet Center was founded by Frank V. Cahouet, a retired Pittsburgh executive who was inspired by his own PD diagnosis to help others battling the condition. Mr. Cahouet refused to let Parkinson’s disease sever his connection to his community. He made it his mission to provide a central location where others battling the condition could explore advanced therapy, find answers to their questions, and access community resources for help with daily activities. More than anything, Mr. Cahouet wanted the Cahouet Center to provide hope.


Parkinson’s treatment at the center

AHN works closely with the Parkinson Foundation Western Pennsylvania, so that patients at the Cahouet Center can receive seamless care and support from a wide variety of specialists, including expert neurologists and neurosurgeons, physical and speech therapists, and other health professionals who specialize in Parkinson’s disease treatment.

Patients work with a team of providers to determine the best course of treatment which may include advanced therapies like deep brain stimulation to provide relief from multiple symptoms, or novel therapies like medications, surgical options, or even boxing and dance. 

What to expect

At your first appointment, you’ll meet with a neurologist and a representative from the Parkinson Foundation.

After a comprehensive evaluation by our movement disorder specialists, you’ll receive personalized treatment and follow-up care from a compassionate team. We will listen to your concerns, learn what activities you enjoy, and work with you to come up with a plan so you can move forward with a purpose-driven and fulfilling life. 

Because Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition, your treatment may change as new symptoms arise. Your care team is prepared for these changes and will make sure you get the clinical and support services you need, right when you need them.

In addition to visiting one of the Cahouet Center’s two locations in western Pennsylvania, patients can also get access to Parkinson’s resources through video visits. If you’d prefer an online visit, just let us know. 

Learn more about the Parkinson Foundation Western Pennsylvania.

AHN Cahouet Center for Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care

We’ll also help connect you with other support services in your area, including:

  • Support groups for patients and caregivers affected by Parkinson’s disease.
  • Exercise classes such as boxing classes designed for people with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Educational programs to learn more about the condition and about steps you can take to manage it while living a full life.
  • Food support services including Meals on Wheels.
  • Daily living support for things like grocery shopping and care for pets. 


Learn how you can provide hope and help for patients with Parkinson’s and their families by making a financial donation to the AHN Cahouet Center for Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care.

Contact us

If you would like to schedule an appointment at the AHN Cahouet Center for Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care, new patients should call (412) 359-8850 and existing patients can call (412) DOCTORS (412) 362-8677.

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