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Research is key to propel the field of medicine forward.  Fellows are given dedicated research time to participate in a variety of research projects during their  training period alongside the faculty.  Fellows partake in the formulation of hypotheses, development of research designs, submission of research proposals to the IRB,  and analyses of the results. Assistance with medical writing, research design and statistical analysis is provided through the Medicine Institute. 

If the fellow has a strong interest in research the fellow can participate in the research track.  This collaborative track would enable the fellow to be extremely well trained clinically and given a solid foundation in research to pursue a career as a clinical investigator.  

Fellow publications/abstracts 2020-2022



  • 2022 ATS – 4 abstracts accepted
  • 2022 SCCM - 2 abstracts accepted
  • 2021 Chest - 10 abstracts accepted
  • 2021 ATS –  8 abstracts accepted
  • 2020 Chest – 9 abstracts accepted
  • 2019 ATS – 12 abstract presentations
  • 2019 SCCM – 5 abstract presentations
  • 2019 Chest– 10 abstract presentations