General Obligations and Duty Hours


Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellow:

  • 80% of Fellow Responsibility
  • Cardiothoracic Imaging Protocols and Image Interpretation
  • CT and US Guided Procedures
  • Plain Film Interpretation
  • Noon Coverage of Emergent Examinations and STAT exams
  • Multidisciplinary Conference
  • Journal Club

Non-Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellow:

  • 20% of Fellow Responsibility
  • Coverage responsibility outlined by Division Director of Subspecialty

General obligations and duty hours

  1. Preview imaging studies in the reading room and dictate those studies.
  2. Oversee resident interpretations of studies prior to staff review.
  3. Perform thoracic drainage/aspirations, biopsies, and ablations under supervision of attending staff.
  4. Teach residents and students (see below).
  5. Attend multidisciplinary conferences and assist in preparation.
  6. Duty hours are typically 8 AM to 5 PM, but may be modified by the Program and/or Division Director.
  7. Prelim STAT exams from the Emergency Department from noon to 1 pm.

Teaching responsibilities

  1. Instruct residents and students in basics of thoracic imaging and diseases.
  2. Present at resident case conference.
  3. Present didactic conferences.

Service obligations and call frequency

  1. Call responsibilities and service as junior attending will be at the discretion of Division Director, Program Director, and Department Chairman in accordance with staffing needs. This will not exceed on average once a month.
  2. Moonlighting opportunities are available and will be at the discretion of Division Director, Program Director and Chair in accordance with staffing needs.

Weekend coverage:

  • Up to 12 compensated weekend shifts, which can include up to 2 holidays
  • All weekend shifts must be approved by the fellowship director


  • Educational Videos
  • Cardiothoracic Imaging Text and Journal Articles
  • Multidisciplinary Conference
  • RAD-PATH Correlation

Time Off:

  • 15 days of PTO
  • 5 Academic days, which will be assigned as half or full days at the discretion of the fellowship director
  • 5 CME days to attend a conference
  • 5 Interview days

Weekend coverage and time off will be prorated for 6 month fellowship.