Clinician Educator Track

Medical education is an integral part of becoming a physician and medical training.

If you are interested in integrating education into your career as a clinician, the Clinician Educator Track will prepare you for future as an academic physician. This is done through interactive workshops, one-on-one mentoring with academic faculty, participation in medical education research, and elective time.

PC Track masthead

In the Clinician Educator Track, you will:

  • Receive dedicated mentorship from academic medicine faculty
  • Rotate yearly through the Medical Education elective
  • Participate in monthly workshops as a track about techniques in medical education
  • Participate in medical education research

The Clinician Educator track is directed by Alexandra Johnston, DO and Divya Venkat, MD.

The Clinician Educator curriculum meets the requirements of the ACGME for successful graduation from the Internal Medicine Residency Program.

The Clinician Educator track does not have its own NRMP match number. Instead, we select two residents each year who express an interest in and commitment to medical education. When you are granted an interview, please let the program coordinator know about your interest in this track. Upon matching, interested residents can apply for one of two track positions. Should interest exceed availability, interested residents can still participate in a variety of medical education opportunities with track members.