Burn Concern Support Group – No one can heal a burn survivor like a burn survivor. 

Burn Concern of Western Pennsylvania is a support group for burn survivors, their family members, care providers, and volunteers. No matter where you are in the healing process, you have access to resources to provide encouragement and motivation along the way.

About the burn concern support group

Mission: To encourage and unite burn survivors and their families to advance burn prevention awareness and burn support.

Our support group relies on participation from burn survivors and those close to them. When we all work together, we thrive, offering one another support and friendship as well as raising burn prevention awareness.

Burn concern monthly meetings

We have Zoom meetings every third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. We share stories, provide support, and increase understanding of burn recovery. We’re casual and comfortable. You can participate as much as you want or just listen. Contact one of the advisory board members to get the link for our meetings.

Special events

In-person events are held across western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and western Maryland. These include outings (like families at the zoo), holiday celebrations (Thanksgiving potluck), dinners, festivals, and motivational speakers.

Burn Concern Facebook page

This is the most reliable source of up-to-date information about the group. Send an email to burnconcern@gmail.com to join our private group.


Find information, personal contacts for support, meeting and event information, and helpful links for burn support and various skin diseases. Visit ahn.org/services/burn-center/support-groups

Weekly chat

The Phoenix Society hosts a weekly chat for burn survivors and their family to provide support, empathy, and friendship. Sign up to join the chat room at phoenix-society.org/what-we-do/peer-support-chat.

Phoenix SOAR program

Burn Concern teamed up with the Phoenix Society to bring their Survivors Offering Assistance