Code of Business Conduct

Each job at Allegheny Health Network carries with it special considerations. Our Code of Business Conduct (the Code) points us down the right path when we encounter specific work situations. It reflects our commitment to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. The Code, which is part of our broader integrity process, helps each of us do our jobs better by providing guidance in making day-to-day decisions.

Just as a map doesn't identify every street and alley, it is important to recognize that our Code of Business Conduct, no matter how detailed, can't address every conceivable situation where our employees may need ethical guidance. However, the integrity process — our ethical framework — values teamwork, pride and excellence in attaining our goals.

The Code is intended to reinforce the principle that each and every one of us — including senior management, leadership team and the board of directors — has a responsibility to help ensure that our network operates legally and ethically in its business conduct.

For more information, read the Allegheny Health Network Code of Business Conduct and the Allegheny Health Network Third Party Code of Business Conduct.

Conflicts of interests

AHN Research Institute manages Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) in research for all Allegheny Health Network faculty, staff, and students. If you wish to obtain information regarding the FCOI disclosures or management, please send your request to the COI Office ( of AHN Research Institute.

AHN RI Financial Conflict of Interest Policy.