The Hematology/Oncology Fellowship curriculum includes rotations research and various clinical settings.

Hematology and Oncology Consults

Hematology Consults

1st year rotation: 2 months   
2nd year rotation: 1 month 
3rd year rotation:  --

Oncology consults

1st year rotation: 1 month
2nd year rotation: 2 months
3rd year rotation:  --

The fellows get a 6 month experience performing consultations for both hematology and medical oncology patients (3 months each). Given we are a tertiary care center and a referral hospital for the AHN network, the fellows are exposed to a wide variety of simple and complex cases in both fields.

Every Thursday the oncology consult fellow presents interesting and challenging cases seen during the week to the fellows and faculty where management of these cases is discussed at length. 

At the end of every month, the hematology consult fellow  presents the interesting cases of the month and a dedicated didactic topic is pre assigned to them for the month.


Inpatient Oncology Service

1st year rotation: 2 months
2nd year rotation: 1 month
3rd year rotation:  --

The inpatient hematology/oncology service  is covered by the hematology/oncology fellow, APP and the internal medicine resident.  Patients are divided between the APP and residents, after they are capped overflow patients are seen by the fellow.

The hematology/oncology fellow is responsible for assigning patients to students, APP and internal medicine residents rotating through the inpatient services. Patients are evaluated by them and presented to the hematology/oncology fellow for supervisory and teaching activities. The hematology/oncology fellow is also responsible for assigning cases for additional reading and discussion by the internal medicine resident in weekly Hematology/Oncology conferences.


Hematology and Cellular Therapy Service

1st year rotations: 3 months   
2nd year rotations: 1 month 
3rd year rotations:  --

The fellow for the Hematology and Cellular Therapy service is expected to function in the role of a junior attending by assisting the residents and APPs on service by reviewing the prior history, peripheral blood smears, slides, pathology reports, bone marrows, X-rays, or scans of patients on the service and help with admissions if needed. Rounds are conducted by the attending physician.

Our fellows have a unique opportunity to be exposed to a variety of transplants and their related complications, such as infections, veno-occlusive disease of the liver, graft-versus-host disease, and interstitial pneumonia. Fellows have hands-on experience taking care of patients receiving novel treatments such as CAR T-cell therapy.

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Fellows are expected to present interesting and challenging cases every Tuesday morning at the transplant meeting with the faculty and attend hematopathology conference ev