Pulmonary and Sleep Services at Canonsburg Hospital

At Canonsburg Hospital, we help you breathe easier and sleep better. More than 60 million Americans experience physical or mental issues because of sleep problems. We offer advanced technology to diagnose and treat sleep disorders to help you get more restful, restorative sleep at night.

Pulmonary and sleep services at Canonsburg Hospital: Why choose us?

Sleep is an essential part of your overall wellness. Poor sleep can affect your health, physically and mentally. We offer effective, personalized care for breathing and sleep problems.

At Canonsburg's Center for Sleep Medicine, part of the sleep medicine program at Allegheny Health Network, you'll find:

  • Expert team: Your team includes board-certified sleep medicine physicians, specialists who have extra training in sleep disorders. The team also includes respiratory therapists, sleep technologists, and a cognitive behavioral therapist. A coordinator assists you with scheduling appointments and connects you with resources for sleep disorders.
  • Holistic approach: There's no single treatment for sleep disorders. We fit the testing and treatment options to your needs. Our team looks at the big picture of your health, including lifestyle factors, other conditions, medical and family history, and your preferences. We get you the treatment you need.
  • Latest treatment options: You'll have all the treatment options available and access to a range of specialists. We can provide the latest sleep devices, therapy services, alternative treatments, and surgery if necessary.
  • Skilled diagnosis: Often, people come in for a sleep disorder evaluation and find out they don't have a sleep disorder. They may have another condition that interferes with sleep, such as asthma. We help arrange the appropriate treatment for you, no matter what's causing your symptoms. 
  • Sophisticated sleep lab: We designed our sleep lab with your well-being in mind. We use the latest technology in a comfortable, welcoming environment.
  • Pulmonary rehab: This rehabilitation service focuses on improving symptoms of pulmonary disease so you can sleep better. Our rehab specialists use the latest techniques and technology to improve your symptoms. 

Sleep disorders: Conditions we treat

We help people who have a range of sleep disorders, including:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Insomnia
  • Narcolepsy 
  • Restless legs syndrome

Learn more about types of sleep disorders

Sleep lab at Canonsburg Hospital

AHN offers sleep labs at many locations, including Canonsburg. For diagnosing sleep disorders, your doctor may suggest you come to our sleep lab for an overnight study.

We attach electrodes to you that connect to monitoring devices. While you sleep in a comfortable room, we analyze your breathing and other functions, so that we can diagnose the sleep problem. 

Home sleep study

If you have sleep apnea, you may be a candidate for a home sleep study, instead of coming to our center. You receive a monitoring device to use at home. Our team remotely analyzes your breathing patterns and other functions.

A home sleep study is not appropriate for people with other sleep disorders, such as sleep seizures, or those who have accompanying conditions such as heart disease.

Treatment for sleep disorders

We offer a wide range of therapies for sleep disorders, including:

  • CPAP/BiPAP: These treatments help improve sleep apnea.
    CPAP: Continuous positive airway pressure therapy uses air pressure to help the airways open. You wear a mask over your nose and mouth. A tube connects the mask to the CPAP machine, which blows air into the tube.
  • BiPAP: Bilevel positive airway pressure therapy works similar to CPAP. The difference is that BiPAP has one pressure setting for inhaling and a lower one for exhaling. Many people find it more comfortable to breathe using the BiPAP machine. 
  • Inspire® technology: This innovative sleep apnea treatment is available at Canonsburg. It works like a CPAP machine but without the mask. During