Sports Specific Specialty Programs 

Athletes may naturally be under increased risk of injury, and those injuries are often sport specific. Think “tennis elbow” or “turf toe.” Our experienced sports medicine experts can help athletes focus on development, so the only thing they need to worry about is making the next play. 

Sports specific specialty programs at AHN: Why choose us?

All of our strength and conditioning specialists have four-year degrees and some also have master’s degrees in exercise-related science as well as earning national certification. We follow proven protocols to help keep athletes healthy based on repetitive motions practiced across each specific sport.

Areas of focus

Some specific areas of focus include:

  • Arm and shoulder care. These programs are designed for athletes participating in baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, basketball, lacrosse, and for quarterbacks in football. We refer to these as “overhead” athletes, and our programs are designed around education on mechanics, work volumes, and learning to recognize pain, soreness, and injury.
  • Knee integrity. These programs focus on sports like soccer, rugby, lacrosse, basketball, football, field hockey, and volleyball. We teach exercises to protect the knee, including jump training and landing, stretching, and mechanical analysis of technique.
  • Long-term athletic development: When we introduce student athletes to proper motion techniques at a young age, we’re able to maximize athletic development by giving them the advantage of having a sports performance and strength conditioning coach throughout their playing years and as they develop into adults.

All of our programs are designed to be age-appropriate for developing bodies and to best protect muscles and joints.

Adult general fitness

We offer training services for adults who want additional education and training beyond what they may get from a local gym membership. We can tailor our strength and conditioning programs to help you safely and effectively progress toward your individual strength and fitness goals.

Contact us

To learn more about AHN sports specific specialty programs, call (412) 437-3001 for Allegheny Health Network at Cool Springs or (724) 934-2440 for Sports Performance at Wexford Plaza.