Telehealth and AHN's Integrated Care Model

There’s no one factor that determines your overall health. That’s why Allegheny Health Network offers an integrated care model. This means care is delivered across a wide variety of medical specialties through a diverse network of locations like hospitals, local clinics, or even online.

In an ideal situation, nothing can replace face-to-face appointments with your doctor. But situations aren’t always ideal. In those cases, telehealth services at AHN provide more ways for you to get the care you need, when and where you need it.  

Telehealth shouldn’t replace in-person care 

Telehealth is just part of AHN’s integrated care model. You can discuss symptoms with physicians from the comfort of your home, and be given a treatment plan or even a prescription, if necessary.

But you can’t get all the care you need with just telehealth. Sometimes you’ll need to see a provider in person. This could include things like screenings, or you’ll need to be examined in person to get to the bottom of certain types of symptoms. It’s important to understand when telehealth is your best option and when you may need to get care in person.  

Infographic that illustrates the integrated care model and a patient's care journey

Telehealth aids collaboration across our network

Our patients aren’t the only people who use AHN telehealth services. Our physicians take advantage of the technology, too. Our providers regularly keep in touch through telehealth technology to help with patients who need urgent or emergency care, including patients who’ve suffered a stroke — when every second counts. They can touch base on patients exhibiting behavioral health symptoms, and they can even check in on newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Learn more about how our providers — and you — benefit from AHN’s collaboration through telehealth.

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