Olivia's Angels Perinatal
Palliative Care Program

If you’ve received the heartbreaking news that your child has a life-limiting condition and may not survive long after birth, know that Allegheny Health Network (AHN) is here to guide you through what happens next.

Together we’ll develop a birth plan, support you through any additional complications, and speak to you about our palliative care for babies. You’re dealing with emotions that no parent should have to feel. As you move forward in your pregnancy and plan for an unbearable outcome, we’ll decide on ways to honor your child and help you find peace in the midst of heartbreak.


Who is this program for? 

Your OB-GYN or maternal-fetal medicine physician will deliver the news that your child has a life-limiting condition. Unfortunately, this can happen at any stage of a pregnancy, and complications vary from patient to patient. Once a life-limiting diagnosis is made, your doctor will refer you to Olivia’s Angels Perinatal Palliative Care Program. 

What happens next?

Once you’re referred to our program, a care team member will reach out to you. Our holistic approach brings together a variety of specialists to deliver the best possible care, including your maternal-fetal medicine physician, genetic specialists, neonatal clinicians, nurses, and bereavement services.

During your first appointment, your perinatal palliative care team will get to know you, answer any and all questions, and talk about what to expect — from pregnancy to birth to finding your way forward. 

Preparing for precious time together

As you work with your care team, we’ll discuss resources available, including:

  • Cultural and religious traditions: We’ll honor your particular background and help coordinate any services.
  • Keepsakes: You’ll receive prenatal images after each appointment. After delivery, we can take photos of your baby and family, and collect hand and footprints.
  • Grief counselors: We can connect you and your family to bereavement specialists and support groups.

It is said that we grieve because we love — and our team understands just how
deeply you love your child. We’ll do our best to honor your wishes so that you
can cherish your time together as a family.

Olivia’s story: How we got our name

On October 2, 1999, Susan and Dan Bevevino welcomed the