Neuromuscular Disorders Care

Neuromuscular disorders are complex conditions that affect the body’s nervous system and muscles. At Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Neuroscience Institute, our team includes leading specialists who have a deep understanding of neuromuscular disorders and how they impact your life.

We combine sophisticated tests with our physicians’ extensive experience to provide a precise diagnosis. We then develop a personalized treatment plan using the latest therapies to help you manage your changing symptoms and challenges over time.

What is a neuromuscular disorder?

Neuromuscular disorders are a range of medical conditions that affect how the nervous system communicates with your muscles. This faulty communication causes muscle breakdown.

Your specific symptoms will depend on which part of the body is affected. Neuromuscular disorders are either inherited (genetic) or autoimmune (when your immune system attacks healthy tissue). Most are progressive, which means the condition worsens over time and begins to affect more parts of the body.

Care for neuromuscular disorders at AHN: Why choose us?

Patients and families choose AHN for our:

  • Neuromuscular expertise: Our neuromuscular specialists are highly regarded nationally for their expertise in diagnosing and treating complex neuromuscular disorders. Our ALS Center is recognized as a Certified Treatment Center of Excellence by the ALS Association and its western Pennsylvania chapter – the only center in western Pennsylvania to earn this designation.
  • Dedicated neuromuscular clinics: In these centers, patients with ALS and myasthenia gravis receive personalized care from specialists who focus on these complex conditions.
  • Novel therapies: At AHN, you have access to a range of therapies, including new medications, before they are widely available.
  • Focus on neuroscience research: Our specialists are active in ongoing research, studying new ways to improve the lives of patients and families affected by neuromuscular conditions. One study, called Project Uplift, provides emotional support to caregivers of people with ALS.
  • Coordinated care: Navigating health insurance authorization programs can sometimes make it challenging to access promising new treatments. At AHN, dedicated team members help you fast-track that process so you can start benefiting from new therapies sooner.
  • Extensive support services: Our mental health specialists help patients and their families develop coping strategies to deal with the emotional challenges of a neuromuscular disorder. We also offer support groups and other resources to help patients experience fewer obstacles in their home life.

Types of neuromuscular disorders we treat

AHN’s leading neuroscience experts include board-certified physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating complex neuromuscular disorders, including:

Get expert treatment for neuromuscular disorders at Allegheny Health Network

Most neuromuscular disorders do not have a cure. Our neuromuscular experts work with you to find the most effective therapies for your symptoms and circumstances.

We offer a range of innovative treatments, including oral medications, intravenous infusions, and physical or occupational therapy. At AHN’s dedicated clinics for patients with ALS and myasthenia gravis, our providers coordinate multiple aspects of your care, at one time.

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