Homeless Health Care

People experiencing homelessness or living in unstable housing situations often find it hard to get routine health care that is sensitive and flexible enough to meet their needs. Through the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Center for Inclusion Health, we are committed to changing that reality for the communities we serve.

Our homeless health care services reach people by providing care wherever they are: at homeless shelters, on the streets, in hospitals, and at other locations. Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of homelessness, poverty, and poor health through trusting, respectful, and compassionate health care relationships.

Homelessness and street medicine services

Our homelessness and urban poverty medicine program connects people who have unstable living situations with the health care they need. We provide a range of primary care and behavioral health services at several locations in and around Pittsburgh.

Homeless camps

We work closely with outreach workers from a local homeless outreach group, called Operation Safety Net. They help us identify people who are sleeping rough (living outside of shelters) who have pressing medical needs.

Then, our dedicated team of physicians and other health care professionals can provide needed care at homeless camps and shelters throughout the area. This care includes treatment for acute medical problems like wounds, rashes, and respiratory infections.

We also help patients understand how they can get routine primary and specialty care more regularly through our network of health care services. Often times, they're able to stay with the same physician who first treated them in the camp.

Homeless shelters

Our physicians provide a wide range of primary care and behavioral health care services at homeless shelters along Pittsburgh’s North Side and at the nearby Pleasant Valley Men’s Shelter and Wood Street Commons.

We also help people recuperate from a recent illness or surgery when they leave the hospital through a community-based, medical respite program. The Bethlehem Haven program is located in Pittsburgh. Medical respite provides a safe and comfortable healing environment with wraparound medical and social services.

Bridge Clinic

Our Bridge Clinic is located within the Allegheny General Internal Medicine Primary Care Clinic. Our address is:

1307 Federal Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
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At this clinic, we provide comprehensive primary care services for people currently or recently experiencing homelessness. These patients also have a combination of medical, mental health, and substance use problems.

The Bridge Clinic care team specializes in caring for people affected by homelessness. They develop lasting relationships with patients and their families. To learn more, call (412) 359-3751 and ask for the Bridge Clinic.

Primary care physician offices

Your housing situation shouldn’t affect the quality of health care you receive. Our ultimate goal is to connect you with one of our primary care physician offices, when and where it works for your life.

Several of our primary care practices also provide behavioral health services. We offer support and resources to help you manage common and complex mental health challenges and substance abuse.

If you know or love someone with a substance abuse disorder, we can connect you with valuable recovery services. Learn more about our addiction services.

Hospital consult service

Our team is available for consultations to assist in the care of hospitalized individuals struggling with homelessness or unstable housing. We offer this inclusion health hospital consult service at several AHN hospitals in and around Pittsburgh, including Allegheny General Hospital and West Penn Hospital.

We visit patients and help their hospital care teams provide them with sensitive, whole-person care. We also work to ensure safe discharge plans and direct linkages to needed follow-up care.

Contact us

You can find out more about our homeless health care services by emailing inclusionhealth@ahn.org.