Dermatology and Autoimmune Skin Disease

When the immune system overreacts and attacks skin tissue, it’s called autoimmune skin disease. Sometimes an autoimmune condition involves only skin cells. More often, an autoimmune disease will affect more than one part of your body.

At the Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Autoimmunity Institute, you can receive exceptional care for every way an autoimmune skin condition affects your physical and mental health. Our board-certified dermatologists work closely with other specialists to treat all of your concerns.

Autoimmune skin diseases we treat

Any autoimmune diseases can affect your skin, including:

  • Lupus, which causes inflammation that affects multiple body systems, such as the skin, heart, and lungs
  • Scleroderma, which causes your body’s tissues to harden and tighten
  • Psoriasis, which causes rashes and scaling on your skin

Specialized care for autoimmune skin disease

At our institute, we offer highly specialized autoimmune skin care not available elsewhere in the region. You’ll benefit from the expertise of 15 kinds of autoimmune specialists. Our board-certified dermatologists are among them. These skin specialists have in-depth training to care for people with autoimmune-related skin concerns, such as rare types of rashes and lesions.

We use the latest tests to quickly pinpoint a diagnosis. Then, our physicians — who stay up-to-date with the newest treatments — help you manage the condition long term.

Our unique approach to autoimmune disease care means you can manage multiple health concerns or autoimmune conditions, in one place. This approach helps you get comprehensive care quickly. Often, you can see different specialists during a single visit.

A new approach to autoimmune skin disease care

Caring for an autoimmune disease doesn’t have to be complicated. And at our institute, it isn’t. We offer:

  • Skilled specialists, including board-certified dermatologists and rheumatologists who have been treating complex autoimmune conditions for decades
  • Focus on research, where we work toward developing more effective ways to diagnose and treat autoimmune diseases
  • Coordinated care where we manage all your care logistics, including your medical records and medication lists
  • Leading treatment options, such as infusion and injection therapies you can receive on-site
  • Updated facility, which was designed for your comfort and to make it easier for your physicians to discuss your care
  • Convenience, which includes getting care for multiple autoimmune conditions in one place, often on the same day

Autoimmunity Institute:
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