Citizens School of Nursing Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff at Citizens School of Nursing are fully dedicated to developing their students’ skills and ensuring their success. Many of our graduates go on to work alongside their teachers at AHN. So our faculty aren’t just training new nurses, they’re training future colleagues. 


Ruth Tarantine, DNP, MSN, RN
Director, AHN Schools of Nursing
(412) 330-4766

Carolyn Smith-Hickman, MSN, RN
Assistant Director Citizens School of Nursing
(412) 330-4766

Jennifer Salem
Administrative Coordinator
(412) 330-4766

Lorena Romero-Prato
Admissions Coordinator, AHN Schools of Nursing
(412) 330-4766

Sarah Loomis, BSBA, MS
Director of Financial Aid, AHN Schools of Nursing
(412) 330-4766

Natalia Wassel
Student Accounts and Registration Coordinator
Title IX Coordinator
(412) 330-4766

Debra Arvay-Nulph
Environmental Services


Melissa Adams, MSN, RN

Amy Arduino, MSN, RN

Catherine Boyd, MSN, RN

Melissa Clawson-Rietscha, MSN, RN

Barbara Clifford, MNEd, RN

Nicole Close, MSN, RN, CPN

Donita Hartman, MSN, RN

Courtney Klink, MSN, RN

Janet Kovatch-Janovsky, MSN, RN

Madalyn Lyons, BSN, RN

Roberta Namey, MSN, RN

Sherry Nolf, MSN, RN

Nancy Perestock, MSN, RN, PCCN

Abbie Purney, DNP, RN, CCNS

Susan Sabella, MSN, RN