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COVID-19 Vaccine

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Kids ages 6 months and older are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine. In June 2022, the FDA and CDC granted emergency use authorization for Pfizer-BioNTech and Modern vaccines in children ages 6 months to 5 years.

What Is Hemin? How Is It Used?

Hemin is a fraction derived from processed red blood cells. It is a salt which inhibits the production of a chemical compounds called porphyrins.

Porphryias are a rare group of disorders in which the porphyrins that the body produces are not broken down effectively and so these begin to build up. Porphyria is usually a hereditary disease. It can lead to symptoms such as light sensitivity, which causes rashes, as well as abdominal pain or cramping, or problems with the nervous or muscular system.

A treatment for porphyria is the administration of hemin. This is done so as to reduce the porphyrins in the body to normal levels. Hemin can only be used under a doctor's care and can only be given intravenously.

As hemin is a fraction derived from processed red blood cells. This is a product about which each person would need to make their own decision.

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