Breathing Disorders Center

Living with a breathing disorder, such as COPD, often requires regular care appointments. Our Breathing Disorders Center makes it easier to get the services you need. We offer exceptional care for lung disease, including tests and treatments, in one location. This coordinated approach helps many people spend less time in the doctor’s office and more time in their regular routine.

The Breathing Disorders Center at Allegheny Health Network: Why choose us?

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) is home to one of the few dedicated breathing disorder centers in western Pennsylvania. Our pulmonologists have decades of experience caring for people with common and complex lung diseases, which helps you achieve the best possible results – no matter your situation.

Other highlights of our program include:

  • Highly skilled physicians: You receive care from pulmonologists who completed additional training in breathing disorder care through medical fellowships. This level of training allows them to tailor treatments to meet your changing needs. They also help many lung disease patients manage symptom flare-ups without going to the hospital.
  • Latest treatments: We use innovative care options to treat conditions that do not respond to standard treatments. Our offerings include biologic therapies to prevent allergic reactions that cause severe asthma attacks. Find out more about asthma.
  • Coordinated care: If you go to an AHN hospital for complications of COPD, we take extra steps to keep your recovery on track. We are the first program in the country with an inpatient COPD care coordinator. This specialist shares important details about your care with doctors and nurses at the Breathing Disorders Center. Their communication ensures you get the treatments and support you need once you leave the hospital. Read more about COPD.

Our team approach to complex lung disease

AHN is one of few programs in western Pennsylvania using a team approach to meet the needs of people with complex lung disease. Our specialists work together to help you get the most out of treatment and restore your sense of well-being.

Our team includes:

  • Pulmonologists who recommend personalized treatment plans
  • Specially trained nurses (nurse navigators) who coordinate services and answer questions related to your care
  • Behavioral health specialists who help you get relief from anxiety and depression while also solving problems related to your care
  • Social workers who help you resolve problems, such as difficulty paying for medications or feelings of anxiety
  • Nutritionists who help you get the nutrients you need while lowering your risk of becoming breathless
  • Pharmacists who monitor your medications to make sure you receive the right doses and avoid potential complications

When you come to the Breathing Disorders Center, you will see many members of our team in the same visit. Working together, we’ll assess your needs and address your challenges on the spot. Not only is our approach more convenient for you, it has helped many people with COPD avoid going to the hospital.

We are working toward expanding our team approach to other complex lung disease conditions, including:

  • Asthma
  • Interstitial lung disease, or disorders that cause scarring in the lungs
  • Pulmonary effusion, which happens when there is fluid buildup in the lungs

Services we offer at the Breathing Disorders Center

The Breathing Disorders Center is located at AHN’s Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion. This facility offers a new level of convenience with many of the services you need, including a pharmacy, lab testing, and multiple medical specialties, all in one location. Find out more about our Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion.

Services we offer through the Breathing Disorders Center include:

Pulmonary testing

Testing allows us to confirm a diagnosis or determine whether lung disease treatments are working. These tests may include a 6-minute walking test to assess how well your lungs are working. We also offer nonsurgical procedures, such as bronchoscopy to examine lung tissue for signs of damage.

Lung disease treatments

Your personalized care plan may include medications to control symptoms and prevent infections. You may also undergo pulmonary rehabilitation. This therapy teaches you new ways to perform everyday activities, like preparing meals, in ways that are easier on your lungs. Find out more about pulmonary rehabilitation.

Personalized support

With each visit, we give you the support you need to make treatments as successful as possible. Your care may include counseling on when to use your inhalers and the proper techniques for using them. If you are a smoker, we offer smoking cessation services to help you quit for good.

Access to medical supplies

Your care plan may require you to keep medical supplies, such as oxygen tanks and tubing, at home. Our specialists show you how to get the supplies you need. Read more about home medical equipment and supplies.

Contact us

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