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AHN Cardiovascular Institute at Peters Township Health + Wellness Pavilion

Living with a heart condition can be challenging, but having experts close to home makes it easier to manage your cardiac health. Allegheny Health Network’s Cardiovascular Institute at Peters Township offers specialists, technology, and therapies to help your heart beat healthier and longer.

Cardiovascular institute at Peters Township: Why choose us?

Peters Township provides comprehensive cardiovascular care for people in southern Pittsburgh. We offer many advantages for patients, including:

  • Integrated care team: We bring the expertise of health care providers in multiple specialties under one roof. Your care team may include physicians, nurses, exercise specialists, dietitians, and behavioral health specialists with advanced training in their fields.
  • Comprehensive technology: As part of the Allegheny Health Network Cardiovascular Institute, we bring you the resources and tools of one of the nation’s premier cardiac programs. We offer the latest diagnostic tools and treatments to deliver the best possible care.
  • Top-ranked experts: Through our healthcare network, you will have access to leading cardiologists recognized for delivering excellent care. Jefferson Hospital is rated among the Top 100 Hospitals in the Nation for Medical Excellence in Bariatric Surgery and Major Cardiac Surgery*.
  • Access to clinical trials: Our patients can access the newest treatment options through clinical trials. This research-based care includes new medicines, procedures, and devices that monitor disease progression.

A full spectrum of cardiovascular care

No matter where you are in the process of managing your heart health, Peters Township can help. We provide:

  • On-site diagnostic tests: Getting clear, accurate images of the heart helps diagnose conditions and ensure you receive the most effective treatment plan. Our on-site imaging center offers a wide range of advanced tests to make the process simple.
  • Cardiac rehabilitation: Getting back to your routine — whether you’re living with heart failure or recovering from heart surgery — takes the support of an entire team. Our rehabilitation experts will provide education and tools to help you develop strength and stamina.
  • Specialized care for women: Women and men often have different symptoms of heart disease, so our experts tailor treatment to your unique needs. To offer whole-body care, we also connect you with other specialists. Our team includes gynecologists and endocrinologists who focus on your body’s hormones.
  • Preventive cardiology: Serving our community is a top priority. Our experts offer cardiology programs to educate people on ways to prevent and manage heart disease.

Fast, comprehensive heart care

Peters Township offers advanced, complete care for a variety of cardiovascular conditions, including:

  • Abnormal heart rhythms: When your heart falls out of its regular rhythm, it can increase your risk of stroke, heart failure, and other conditions.
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure): Over time, high blood pressure puts you at higher risk for heart attack and stroke.
  • Coronary artery disease: When plaque builds up in arteries, it causes them to harden and narrow, which restricts blood flow to the heart.
  • Heart infections: Bacteria in your bloodstream can latch on to damaged tissue, causing an infection that can be dangerous if not treated quickly.

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Call (412) DOCTORS (412) 362-8677 or request an appointment with a Peters Township specialist.

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Peters Township Health + Wellness Pavilion
160 Gallery Drive
McMurray, PA 15317
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*Source: 2020 CareChex® ‐‐ an information service of Quantros, Inc.