Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing Locations

If you’re experiencing Coronavirus symptoms — including fever, cough, shortness of breath, vomiting, stomach pain, or loss of smell or taste — or if you believe you’ve been exposed to someone with Coronavirus, AHN strongly encourages you to get tested.

We have multiple testing locations throughout the region to make it easier for you to get the care you need and receive results quickly.

You have two testing options:

  1. Your doctor’s office
    Call your doctor if you’re experiencing symptoms or think you’ve been exposed to Coronavirus. Your provider will give next steps, which may include testing. Most of AHN’s family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatric offices are testing patients on-site.
  2. An AHN Express Care
    Visit one of our seven Express Care locations to be evaluated by a provider and then get tested, if necessary. No appointment is needed. View our Express Care locations and hours

If you’re experiencing a true medical emergency, dial 911 or visit your nearest emergency department. We recommend calling ahead to the emergency department so that providers are aware of your symptoms.

Keep in mind, if you simply need a Coronavirus test — because you’re not feeling well or you’ve been exposed — it’s better to call your doctor or visit an AHN Express Care rather than the emergency department.

Have questions about testing? We have answers.

Can I just show up to an Express Care to get tested?

Yes. All our Express Care locations offer testing. You will be evaluated first and then tested, if necessary. No appointment is needed — you can simply walk in.

View our Express Care locations and hours

How can I get a child tested for Coronavirus?

If the child is a current AHN Pediatrics or Family Medicine patient, please call the appropriate office. The office will do a quick phone evaluation and then ask the child to come in for testing, if needed.

If the child is not an AHN Pediatrics patient, visit one of our Express Care locations to be evaluated and tested.

What type of Coronavirus test does AHN use? Do I get to choose the test I receive?

Our offices and Express Care locations offer the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test. This is a very accurate and reliable test that can detect the presence of the virus. It’s done through a nasal swab, and you typically receive results in 24-48 hours.

Some offices are offering rapid antigen tests, but because of supply shortages, most are not at this time.

Depending on availability, you may be able to choose which type of test you receive. However, you will most likely receive a PCR test, as those are readily available. 

How is the test given?

Through a quick and painless nasal swab.

How and when will I get my Coronavirus test results?

Test results are usually back within 24-48 hours. To view your results, log into your MyChart account and click the COVID-19 icon to view your results. Your doctor’s office may also follow up with a call about your results. 

If viewing your results in MyChart, they will appear as one of the following:

Not Detected: Meaning Coronavirus is not detected, you’ve tested negative.

Detected: Meaning Coronavirus is detected, you’ve tested positive.

Please do not call (412) NURSE-4-U or (412) DOCTORS, as neither service can provide testing information. 

What should I do after I get tested?

Stay safely in your home, and away from others, as you wait for your results. 

If you’re experiencing an immediate medical emergency, call 911. Make sure to mention you have been tested for Coronavirus.

How much does a Coronavirus test cost?

Coronavirus testing is free — you will not be charged for your test. See below for the nitty-gritty on why.

However, if you receive a medical evaluation from a provider, you will likely have a copay and your insurance will be billed. If you don’t have insurance, please call the PA Department of Health or your county health department.

The federal government has issued a directive requiring health insurance companies to waive member cost sharing amounts for testing for COVID-19.  Health insurance plans were informed to eliminate cost sharing, copays, deductibles, and coinsurance for medically necessary testing for COVID-19.  The federal government has also passed legislation that provides free coronavirus testing to individuals without insurance. COVID-19 testing covered with no cost to patients, requires an insurer to pay either the rate specified in a contract between the provider and the insurer, or, if there is no contract, a cash price posted by the provider.  Insurance companies with whom an AHN facility does not have a contract may find the cash price for COVID-19 testing; SARS COV2 COVID AMB PROBE $77.00, SARS COV2 COVID AMB PROBE HTP $150.00, COVID AB MULTIPLE STEP $63.00, SARS COV2 COVID/FLU A B AMB PROBE $214.00, SARS COV2 COVID/FLU A B/RSV AMB PROBE $214.00, BIOFIRE RESPIRATORY PANEL 2.1 $625.00, QIASTAT DX RESP SARS COV2 PANEL $625.00, CEPHEID XPERT XPRESS COVID/FLU $214.00, and CEPHEID XPERT EXPRESS COVID/FLU/RSV$214.00.

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) promises to provide medically necessary services to patients no matter how much they can pay. If you have questions, or need assistance with information regarding the AHN Financial Assistance program, or other government programs you may contact AHN Customer Service for Hospital and Physician Billing by calling 1-844-801-8400 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday.