Program Directors’ Statement 

Nitin Bhanot, MD

Dr. Bhanot

Tiffany Dumont, DO

Dr. Dumont

Welcome to the Steel City!

Our three-year combined training program in Infectious Disease (ID) and Critical Care Medicine (CCM) is the result of close collaboration between our two services at the Allegheny Health Network. The overlapping interests in the workup and management of infections in our ICU patients have blossomed into this unique clinical opportunity, further reflected over the years by our joint publications in ID and CCM. We strive to mold perceptive, thoughtful, and compassionate clinicians who can navigate this increasingly complex and growing patient population. Graduates are equipped with the knowledge to manage a wide spectrum of infectious diseases in non-acute and critical care settings, as well as acquire proficiency in Quality Improvement and Antimicrobial Stewardship practice initiatives. At the conclusion of the training program, our fellows become well-rounded clinicians who can truly apply a global approach to patient care.

We look forward to your visit.


Nitin Bhanot, MD, MPH
Tiffany Dumont, DO

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