Cervical Cancer Treatment

The specialists at the Cancer Institute treat cervical cancer with the latest technologies, so you are receiving the most effective care possible. And our collaborative, streamlined approach minimizes the stress of multiple appointments. When you arrive for an appointment, you meet with many specialists on the same day. You often begin treatment shortly after diagnosis.

Expert cervical cancer treatment at Allegheny Health Network

The Cancer Institute is renowned for sophisticated, rapid treatment of cervical cancer. Our treatment plans use:

  • Advanced technology: Our specialists use minimally invasive techniques, like robotic surgery, which mean a quicker recovery time.
  • Clinical trials: Our team evaluates your case every month to determine if there are new clinical trials that may be appropriate for you. We are able to make rapid recommendations for the best and latest treatment options, designed for you.
  • Care for the whole person: We understand that cancer involves emotional healing, too. That’s why we have a Navigation Team to help you coordinate logistics and to answer all of your questions. Our oncology social worker provides emotional support to patients and families. An After Hours Oncology Clinic offers medical support, from 3 to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, when your doctor office is closed. And our support services help you keep living the best quality of life during treatment. Cancer doesn’t take time off, and neither do we.

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