About your stay at AHN Grove City

We’re committed to treating our patients with kindness and respect. Your privacy is important to us. More than 90% of our patient rooms are private rooms, so you can recover and meet with your care team in private.

Patient and guest relations at AHN Grove City

The physicians and staff of AHN Grove City are dedicated to making our patients and visitors as comfortable as possible. We’re committed to treating our guests with competence, compassion, and courtesy.

Our physicians, nurses, and other members of our health care team are dedicated to responding to patients’ needs and answering their questions. Also, our Patient and Guest Relations staff are dedicated to assisting our patients and visitors, answering their non-medical questions, and providing further service to enhance their stay at our hospital.

Representatives from Patient and Guest Relations identify and act upon improvement opportunities presented by hospital patients and guests. Physicians, patients, families, and visitors rely on Patient and Guest Relations to address special needs, identify and seek solutions to problems, and represent their interests.

You can reach a department representative by calling (724) 450-7049. After regular business hours, notify your unit supervisor if a situation requires immediate attention.

After your discharge, a self-addressed, stamped patient survey may be mailed to your home. Please take a few minutes to complete and return the survey. Your comments help us evaluate and improve our services to effectively meet our patients’ needs.

In-patient services at AHN Grove City

We offer many in-patient services to enhance your stay and ensure you receive the best possible care.

Language translation support services

Interpretation services are available. If you need language translation assistance, notify your nurse.

Library services

We have a wide variety of books available for patients and visitors. Call the front lobby volunteer desk at Ext. #1000 and a volunteer will bring an assortment to choose from. The gift shop also carries the daily newspaper as well as current best sellers, which a volunteer can also deliver.

Volunteer services

Volunteers play a vital role in AHN Grove City’s daily operations. They provide transport services for admission and discharge and assist with the comfort of patients during their stay by providing busy bags and deliveries.

Financial services

We offer additional information on financial assistance, hospital charges, and insurance coverage accepted by AHN. Read our financial services information to learn more.


We deliver mail once a day, Monday through Friday. Family and friends should address in-patient mail as follows:

[Patient’s Name]
AHN Grove City
[Patient’s Room Number]
631 N. Broad Street Ext.
Grove City, PA 16127

Pastoral care

Clergy from all faiths are welcome to visit our patients. Chaplains and area clergy of various denominations are available to provide pastoral care. If you would like a pastoral visit, notify your nurse.


All patient rooms have telephones available. Directions for use are printed on each phone. If you need an amplification device, notify your nurse.


All patient rooms have a TV with local cable. When using the TV, please be considerate of others. We ask that you keep the volume low, especially after 10 PM. A closed caption device is available. Notify your nurse if you need to use it. 


Belongings and valuables policy

AHN Grove City has a designated area and process for the safekeeping of your valuables, such as money, credit cards, or jewelry. You’ll need to fill out a form and, whenever possible, send home those items which aren’t necessary during your hospital stay.  

Contact us

Call (724) 450-7000 for more information about AHN Grove City medical services  and health care clinics.

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AHN Grove City
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