Internal Medicine

At Allegheny Health Network (AHN), our general internal medicine physicians provide compassionate, comprehensive, and personalized primary care to older adolescents (starting at age 16), adults, and seniors.

What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine is the primary care specialty that is focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses in adults and older adolescents. A general internist provides routine wellness care and treats a broad variety of acute and chronic illnesses.

For many adults, your internist can provide specialized care to successfully manage multiple complex chronic illnesses in their office. Your internist can also consult with, or refer you to, other AHN specialists when your care requires it.

Some internists will care for you if you are hospitalized. Family physicians may also offer women’s health services, including delivering babies; office procedures for skin, muscles, and joints; and care for you if you are hospitalized.

How do I choose between a general internist and a family physician?

For the primary care of adults, general internists and family physicians provide very similar services. Both specialties approach the outpatient management of health and disease comprehensively and compassionately. Some people prefer general internists as they focus on adults (and older teens) exclusively, while others prefer to have a family physician so that their entire family can see the same doctor or practice. For adult medical care, it may come down to the right fit of personality or location.

Internal medicine at Allegheny Health Network: Why choose us?

Our general internists emphasize preventive health care and maintenance to help you stay healthy. When you work with our internal medicine physicians, you have access to compassionate, quality care when you need it most. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Accessibility: When you need to see a doctor, there’s no time to waste. We have more than 120 locations across western Pennsylvania — so we’re always nearby. We work with your schedule by offering extended hours in the early mornings and evenings, same-day scheduling for sick and well visits, and video visit capabilities. With your own MyChart account, you can send your comments or questions directly to your physician. You can also schedule or re-schedule your next appointment online by selecting a convenient appointment date and time from a list of available options. Don’t have a MyChart account? Learn more about MyChart and register for a free MyChart account today.
  • Collaborative, personalized care: Our general internists view you as a person — not just a patient. In addition to physicians and nurses, our care teams may include a health coach who provides you with additional education and care coordination. This team of dedicated professionals works together to ensure that you receive the personalized care you need.
  • Patient satisfaction: Our internists have received recognition from the National Council of Quality Assurance for providing quality care, especially in patients with cardiovascular disease or who have had a stroke. Our primary care doctors are also among the top physicians in the Medicare STARS program, which rates how well they perform.

Our internal medicine services

We all want to stay healthy. The best way to do that is to have a consistent primary care physician who gets to know you and your health history personally.

Our internal medicine services include:

  • Holistic, patient-centered care to help patients achieve their maximum health and well-being.
  • Preventive medicine, including tests, screenings, and immunizations for adults.
  • Diagnosis and treatment for chronic illnesses.
  • Women’s health care.
  • Same-day sick visits.
  • Annual wellness exams.
  • Rapid on-site testing for many conditions.
  • Counseling for mental health issues that affect people of all ages, such as depression and anxiety.
  • Management of chronic conditions.
  • Specialized care in some offices including osteopathic manipulation, sports medicine and concussion treatment, HIV care, hepatitis C treatment, and addiction care.

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