At Allegheny Health Network (AHN), our team has been studying lupus for decades. While it is difficult to diagnose, we’ll help get you the right diagnosis quickly, so you can start treatment sooner.

We provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services at nine outpatient rheumatology practices throughout the tri-state area. And, at our Autoimmunity Institute, located at West Penn Hospital in Bloomfield, you can receive care from a variety of autoimmune specialists. World-class lupus care, close to home, has never been easier.

What is lupus?

Lupus is a type of autoimmune rheumatic disease. If you have autoimmune disease, your immune system attacks healthy tissues it sees as a threat. When you have lupus, your immune system attacks healthy muscle or joint tissues.

Rheumatologists care for people with lupus. Rheumatologists are physicians who receive extensive training in diagnosing and treating complex conditions like lupus.

Lupus is chronic, meaning it affects your body long term. Lupus most often causes pain and inflammation in your joints and muscles. It can also affect the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, and other body systems.

Our Lupus Center of Excellence

At AHN, some of our rheumatologists have been studying lupus for more than 30 years. They’ve seen firsthand how this condition affects people and which treatments are effective. Their experience helps us diagnose and treat even the most complex cases.

If you have lupus, our physicians will provide a treatment plan focused on relieving your symptoms. To do this, we use the latest treatments, including medications and infusion therapies, to help you feel and function better.

Our team also participates in research and clinical trials to advance lupus care. Our lupus specialists are known around the world for studying the causes of premature heart disease in women with lupus. This research has led to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies to help women manage (or avoid) this rare complication.

Our physicians helped develop a specialized blood test that improves lupus diagnosis as well. These research efforts give patients access to the most effective therapies often before they’re widely available.

A new approach to lupus care at our autoimmunity institute

At the Autoimmunity Institute, we’re changing how people with autoimmune disease get care. You’ll benefit from our:

  • Team of seasoned professionals — from 15 different specialties — who work together to provide an exceptional level of care for every way lupus affects your body and mind
  • Efficient coordination that has our team handling every aspect of your care, including medication lists and medical records, so you don’t have to
  • Updated facility that makes it easier for physicians to discuss and make good decisions about your care while providing a comfortable atmosphere for you
  • Convenience, which includes being able to see more specialists in fewer visits
  • Leading treatments, such as the latest infusion and injection therapies, which you can receive on-site
  • Support resources from our close partnership with the Lupus Foundation of America that help you cope with any emotional and social challenges you face
  • Focus on research where our national and international lupus specialists continually push for more effective treatments and an eventual cure

Autoimmunity Institute:
West Penn Hospital
4815 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Located in 250 Mellon Pavilion

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