Concussion Center

Allegheny Health Network (AHN) is home to a physician-led concussion program where you receive complete care, including detailed evaluations and a wide range of treatment options. We get to the bottom of troubling symptoms and coordinate treatments so you can get relief.

The concussion center at AHN: Why choose us?

A concussion is a mild brain injury that requires focused care. Symptoms such as dizziness and mental fog can last for up to a year after the injury (post concussion syndrome). We treat hundreds of concussions every month, giving you better chances for good results. Find out more about concussions.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Expertise: AHN is home to concussion experts who use a team approach for post concussion syndrome. Our primary care sports medicine physicians help many patients feel better with medication and therapy. You also have access to specialists such as neurologists for relief from memory or sleeping problems. Get more information about concussion care at the AHN Neuroscience Institute.
  • Access: Our sports medicine physicians are often able to see patients with concussions the same day. In many cases, you receive care from a physician and physical therapist in one visit. This level of coordination is not widely available in western Pennsylvania. Our approach helps you start treatment right away, including specialized therapy for coordination problems.
  • Professional-level care: AHN provides concussion care to athletes of all levels. We are in the dugouts and on the sidelines of professional teams, including the Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Riverhounds soccer team. Find out more about AHN athletic trainer services.
  • Leadership: We are raising concussion awareness in the community by educating athletes, coaches, and parents. We're also advancing concussion care through research, with efforts that include identifying patterns of symptoms that will allow people to receive care that better meets their needs. Read more about our Orthopaedic Research Institute.

Concussion treatment from AHN’s sports medicine doctors

As concussion experts, AHN’s physicians anticipate your needs and coordinate treatments and services to help you feel better. We also use the latest concussion technology to track your progress and determine when you can safely resume daily activities.

Your care may include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: We offer solutions for problems affecting your feelings and mood, including relaxation techniques for anxiety.
  • Medications: We prescribe medications to relieve certain symptoms including headaches and dizziness.
  • Personalized recovery plans: We help you make a gradual return to daily activities with recommendations that may include a shortened work or school schedule.
  • Vestibular therapy: Our specially trained physical therapists use focused techniques to relieve problems such as dizziness and difficulty balancing.

Care for advanced concussion symptoms

For severe concussions or post concussion syndrome, you may receive care from:

  • Neurologists: We successfully treat complex symptoms, such as mental fog. Even if brain tests don’t show signs of a concussion, we get to the source of the problem so you can get much-needed relief.
  • Neurosurgeons: Severe concussions can cause bleeding in the brain, which is a potentially life-threatening complication. We work closely with AHN neurosurgeons who are skilled in treating these problems.
  • Occupational therapists: We help ease the burden of lingering symptoms on your everyday life. Your care may include learning how to conserve energy so you don’t tire out in the middle of the day. Read more about occupational therapy.
  • Psychologists: Our psychologists can help you move past lingering anxiety after a concussion so you can regain balance in your life. Find out more about our psychological service.
  • Speech pathologists: If you are having difficulty speaking to and understanding others, speech therapy can help. AHN is one of the few programs in western Pennsylvania with speech pathologists who help you relearn how to communicate. Learn more about speech therapy.

Baseline concussion testing at Allegheny Health Network

Baseline concussion testing measures brain performance when you’re healthy. We test areas such as reaction time and short-term memory. If you experience a concussion, we perform the same tests. We then compare results to the baseline to determine how the injury is affecting brain function. This information helps us know when it is safe for athletes to return to daily activities, including sports.

To schedule a baseline concussion test, please visit AHN Concussion Testing

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