Men's Health Disorders

Many health conditions affect only men, like low testosterone or prostate cancer. AHN specialists can diagnose and treat a wide range of men’s health disorders, as well as identify potential root causes.

Treating the whole man — the AHN approach

In many cases, men’s health disorders stem from underlying causes, including cardiovascular issues, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Because you don’t want to just be a healthy man — you want to be the healthiest man you can be — AHN doctors work across specialties to address specific men’s health issues as well as any problems that may be causing them.

Types of conditions we treat

  • Men’s sexual health: Including low testosterone or erectile dysfunction.
  • Prostate health: This can include prostate cancer as well as issues caused by an enlarged prostate.
  • Reproductive health: Issues related to a man’s ability to have children.
  • Urinary health: Various disorders can make it difficult to urinate or fully empty your bladder.  
  • Genitourinary disorders and injuries: In cases where deformation causes problems, reconstructive procedures can provide relief. 

Contact us

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