The combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Program is 4 years.  See the sample curriculum for core and electives rotations.
There is a regular schedule of Conferences.

Didactic experiences

Pathology Conferences

  • Board Review
  • Clinical Pathology Rounds
  • Clinical Pathology Didactic Lecture
  • Cytopathology Conference
  • Cytology Core Lecture Series
  • Surgical Pathology Seminar
  • Unknown Slide Conferenc
  • Brain Cutting
  • Journal Club
  • Anatomic Pathology Didactic Lecture Series
  • Professional Development Lecture Series

Clinico-Pathologic Conferences

  • Breast Conference
  • Gastrointestinal Clinical Pathology Correlation (CPC)
  • Gynecologic Pathology Conference
  • Neurosurgical Clinical Pathologic Correlation (CPC)
  • Pulmonary Conference
  • Radiation Oncology Conference
  • Renal Conference
  • Molecular, Metastatic and Rare Tumor Board
  • Neuropathology Conference (for Neurology residents)