Sleep Medicine and Sleep Disorders

We all have difficulty sleeping every once in a while. But for some people, sleep problems occur night after night. And a lack of restful sleep can affect your well-being.

Sleep medicine physicians at Allegheny Health Network (AHN) put these problems to bed at one of the few sleep centers in western Pennsylvania. There we provide complete care, including sleep studies and the latest treatments. Our offerings help more people get the sleep they need, so they wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleep disorder care at AHN: Why choose us?

The AHN Center for Sleep Medicine offers more of the services you need – including tests, treatment, and ongoing care – in one convenient program. Our broad range of services can help you reclaim a good night’s rest faster.

Other highlights of our program include:

  • Highly skilled physicians: You receive care from sleep medicine physicians who completed additional training through medical fellowships. These doctors work alongside psychiatrists and dentists who specialize in treating sleep disorders. Their knowledge and capabilities help you achieve excellent results.
  • Sleep studies: We offer modern sleep study facilities with all the latest monitoring equipment. Our accommodations include private rooms with large beds, comfortable bed linens and a TV, so you feel more at home. You may also have the option to undergo a sleep test from the comfort of your own home. Find out more about diagnosing sleep disorders.
  • Care for a broad range of sleep disorders: We treat sleep disorders that affect your ability to fall asleep, including insomnia. We also treat problems that occur while you are sleeping, such as sleep apnea. Read more about the types of sleep disorders we treat.
  • Collaboration with local physicians: Primary care doctors throughout the region trust our capabilities and often refer patients with complex problems to us.

How we work with local primary care physicians

Primary care doctors throughout the region trust our capabilities and often refer patients with complex problems to us.

There are many ways our sleep medicine physicians can help you. After performing an evaluation and sleep study, you may:

  • Choose to have your primary care physician get the results. Your primary care doctor would then recommend and deliver the treatments that are best for you.
  • Have your AHN sleep medicine doctor share results and care recommendations with you. Our sleep medicine specialists also deliver the treatments you need. We keep your primary care physician in the loop through regular updates.

Why restful sleep is important

Busy lifestyles can put getting a good night’s sleep on the back burner. But sleep is important because it allows your body to clear away toxins and heal damaged tissue.

When problems such as insomnia make it difficult to sleep, your body cannot repair itself. As a result, you may experience sluggishness, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.

Sleep problems can also increase your risk for other health conditions. Or if you are living with certain health conditions, sleep problems can make them more severe.

Health conditions affected by poor sleep include:

  • Depression: Insomnia can worsen symptoms of depression. For example, a lack of sleep often makes it difficult to think clearly. And when you’re not thinking clearly, it’s hard to change negative thought patterns. Read more about insomnia.
  • Obesity: When you are have difficulty sleeping, it can be more challenging to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Heart disease: Conditions such as sleep apnea cause your heart to work harder than it should. Over time, this extra work increases your risk for problems, such as an abnormal heart rhythm. Read more about sleep apnea.

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