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AHN 24/7 Nurse Line

Anyone can talk to a nurse anytime, free of charge. If you feel unwell, call and get answers to health questions and help for getting care.

(412) NURSE-4-U

Talk to a nurse

If you or a loved one feels unwell, and you’re unsure whether you need care, call and talk to an experienced nurse who can help determine your best course of action. 

The AHN 24/7 Nurse Line is free for everyone, regardless of insurance coverage. Our
AHN registered nurses can:

  • Answer questions about symptoms.
  • Discuss care options.
  • Give advice on managing chronic conditions.
  • Access your AHN records to help answer treatment questions.
  • Help you find a doctor or specialist inside or outside of AHN.
  • Help set up appointments with AHN doctors or specialists.
  • Provide AHN Cancer Institute Navigation Team services.
cell phone showing 24/7 access to talk to a nurse

AHN 24/7 Nurse Line FAQ

Learn more about what to expect when you call our 24/7 Nurse Line, like who you’ll be talking to, how they can help, and other important information.

Do you really mean 24/7?

Absolutely. Holidays. Leap Year. Anytime. No matter when you have a concern about an injury or health condition, give us a call. However, if you’re experiencing severe symptoms like chest pain or shortness of breath, call 911 or get to your nearest emergency room right away.

Who will I actually be talking to?

You’ll first choose from a menu that directs your call to the most appropriate department. After that, the first voice you’ll hear is a registered nurse who’s ready to listen to your concerns and help you come up with a plan.

Does it matter what health insurance I have?

No. If you need help, we want to help you, no matter what your insurance coverage situation is.

Does it matter who my doctor is?

No. Our nurses will help you no matter who your doctor is. But if you regularly see an AHN doctor, your nurse can review your medical records and help provide advice based on your history. Also, your call will be noted in your records, so your doctor knows you called.

What can the nurse do for me?

Your registered nurse can offer guidance about you or a loved one’s condition, including: 

  • Answering general questions about symptoms.
  • Helping you understand your symptoms and the type of care you may need.
  • Offering suggestions on lifestyle changes or non-medicine-related actions you can take to help manage your symptoms.
  • If you’d like them to, they can make an appointment with an AHN doctor or specialist.

Can the nurse give me a diagnosis?

No. Your nurse can answer questions about your symptoms but can’t make a diagnosis. If you decide you need to see a physician, your nurse can help you find an appropriate doctor or specialist. If you want to see an AHN provider, your nurse can help make your appointment and transfer your health records (some restrictions may apply).

Are there any restrictions I should be aware of?

You must call the AHN 24/7 Nurse Line from within Pennsylvania. If you’re not in the state, our nurses will do their best to find a similar resource in the area you’re calling from.

Disclaimer: The AHN 24/7 Nurse Line does not replace a physician’s care, and callers will be referred back to their physician whenever appropriate. AHN 24/7 Nurse Line nurses do not make diagnoses or deliver prognoses.