Training Requirements

The Diagnostic Medical Physics Residency Program is structured as a two-year training program.

For successful program completion, the resident must accomplish the following:

  • Successfully complete all aspects of clinical rotations and competencies
  • Successfully complete required reports, attending didactic courses, and passing exams

For successful advancement through the residency program, the resident must:

  • Pass each clinical rotation and performance evaluations
  • Keep a log of departmental conference attendance and procedure participation
  • Pass ABR-style mock oral examinations by the Physics Faculty

Other details related to the Residency Program include:

  • Orientation
  • Ethical considerations seminar aligned with AAPM TG109 report
  • Radiation safety lectures

Residents are required to participate in the following conferences and special lectures:

  • Monthly departmental conferences

Residents are also required to make two formal presentations per year.